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Big victory for elephants at CITES in Doha

We are happy to report that elephants did well at CITES in Doha! We firmly believe that, if they had been accepted, the proposals from Tanzania and Zambia would have further stimulated the ivory trade and the killing of elephants. We feel extremely pleased that months of work and collaboration with scientists and other stakeholders around the world led to this good result for elephants.

Please read a final CITES update and some thoughts on ElephantVoices.

Happy Easter!

Trumpets, Petter and Joyce

Greetings – we’re in California 17 to 29 October

We hope to see some of you during our lecture and fundraising tour in California from 17 to 29 October. We’re having events in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and in San Francisco. Oakland Zoo is hosting a reception and lecture on 28 October.

You will find all relevant information about the tour, with links to invitations/flyers, here.

Best wishes, Petter

ElephantVoices.org is back online – we hope you will visit!

Dusting elephants. Copyright: ElephantVoices In todays newsletter, sent out to ElephantVoices friends and contacts around the world, we gave an introduction to the second generation ElephantVoices.org as well as touching on some of the issues that have occupied us over the last few months. Supported by programmers at Verviant.com in Nairobi, we have built a new cyber home. Our main purpose has been to develop an efficient, flexible and creative platform for the online sharing of information about elephants – their behavior, communication and interests.

We apologise for not being able to launch the news section and the Video Database at this stage. And you may find that some things don’t function as they should – please let us know! Our overall goal is to continue to expand and improve the site in the years to come.

We invite you to take a tour on ElephantVoices!

Best wishes, Petter and Joyce

Elephantvoices.org soon back online – Ringling case

We have been quiet for a long time here on WildlifeDirect, mainly because we’re working so hard to get our new and substantially expanded www.elephantvoices.org back online. The new website is much more than a presentation of what we do – it is, and will increasingly be, a bank of information for anyone interested in elephants – their basic behavior, communication and welfare – in the wild and in captivity. As wild elephants are squeezed into smaller and smaller spaces there are a growing number of issues that affect their welfare and survival and we will be highlighting these. The website will be available in a week or so – we’ll inform you as soon as it goes online.

Circus Agora's new elephant...One of issues that has taken time and effort over many years, is Joyce’s participation as expert witness in the Ringling case. After 8 years of preparation (4 for Joyce) the case was finally heard in February. You will find a recent news update on KTNV ABC about the case here, and a link to Court Filings and Exhibits for the Ringling Bros. Elephant Abuse Case here. The verdict will be delivered by Judge Sullivan in a few weeks time.

Over the last four years we have also been working to convince the Norwegian government to ban the use of elephants in Norwegian circuses. One of three currently on the road, Circus Agora, decided to act before being told to and went animal-free this year. To show our support for the change we attended a performance when they were in town a couple of weeks ago. We were truly impressed by their program, and hope that more and more circuses around the world will follow suit. Circus Agora still has an elephant as a mascot – but this one has four legs and two bodies – one front and one back! Fair enough…

We wish all WD visitors and bloggers a great summer!

Joyce and Petter