About ElephantVoices

Whether you are a scientist, a wildlife manager, an elephant keeper, a politician with influence over “elephant policies”, an elephant enthusiast or a person somewhere on the globe surfing on the web – we do hope you will experience ElephantVoices as an informative and absorbing meeting-place.

A main goal is to allow easy access to the findings of years of field studies on elephant behavior and communication – to elephant voices. Through better understanding of the natural behavior of these magnificent mammals we can help to ensure their survival – which we think is vital for our planet and the well being, in different ways, of each one of us.

Our name has a double meaning – to bring the voices of elephants to you, and to act as a voice for elephants. Having studied elephants in their natural environment over several decades we have plenty of experience contemplating what the interests of these intelligent and social beings might be. We feel privileged to be able to spend time in their company. Speaking out on their behalf is one way of giving something back.