Monthly Archives: June 2009 is back online – we hope you will visit!

In todays newsletter, sent out to ElephantVoices friends and contacts around the world, we gave an introduction to the second generation as well as touching on some of the issues that have occupied us over the last few months. Supported by programmers at in Nairobi, we have built a new cyber home. Our […]

Thank you!

We’re very grateful for contributions from Alyne F., Gunn E., Anna M., Jeffrey H. and Michelle P. – your support is much appreciated! We hope you will visit during next week! soon back online – Ringling case

We have been quiet for a long time here on WildlifeDirect, mainly because we’re working so hard to get our new and substantially expanded back online. The new website is much more than a presentation of what we do – it is, and will increasingly be, a bank of information for anyone interested in […]