Monthly Archives: February 2009 offline for a few weeks

We would like you to be aware that will be offline for a few weeks, while we continue to rebuild and expand the site. The new version will improve the site’s look and functionality, and allow you online access to more of our data. We plan to launch the new site in late […]

Notes from the field – from Blake

One of the few bright spots in this uncommonly dry February that we find ourselves in, has been being able to observe a certain young elephant by the name of Cathy. Although only ten years old, Cathy has consistently displayed the characteristics of a future matriarch. Every time we come across the CB family, which […]

Amboseli elephant baby stuck in well – and to orphanage

After a early morning recording session last week Blake and I were told by our ATE research assistant Katito Sayialel that an elephant baby was reported stuck in a well west of Amboseli National Park. We decided to go together, and followed behind the cloud of dust from the Amboseli Elephant Research Project vehicle. Despite […]

Joyce finally in court in legal case against Ringling Brothers Circus

Joyce is currently in Washington DC to testify as expert witness in the legal case against Ringling Brothers Circus. She will be in court as the first witness tomorrow, Wednesday February 4th.  The courtroom is open to the public. The New York Times are among media that covers the suit – this article is from […]

Short update from dusty and windy Amboseli

Amboseli carries all signs of being dry – in the afternoons dust often sweeps over us as grey or brownish fog. There is not much green gras to see, not much to feed on. Several days we have seen rain in the near by slopes of Kilimanjaro, and Loitokitok 1 hour away experienced this week […]