Monthly Archives: July 2008

Elephant welfare – how much do we care?

Every day we receive messages about how captive elephants are being treated, often with disturbing photos or video footage. A mission of ElephantVoices is to promote responsibility for securing a kinder future for elephants. Our aim is to do this is primarily through education – by inspiring wonder in the intelligence, complexity and voices of […]

Joyce to DC – Ringling case getting close

In August Joyce will travel to Washington DC to give her deposition in the case against Ringling Brothers for its treatment of elephants. Preparations have taken literally months of work. Joyce is also likely to go back in October when the court case takes place. The basis for all of the contributions we make toward […]

Appeal for support – new laptop with elephants voices

Dear All, Portable computers are vital for the work that Petter and I are doing, and my 6-year-old Compaq has needed to retire for some time! Several key functions does not work… The worst aspect of it is that the sound system has gone silent – which isn’t great for someone who works on elephant […]

Elephants mobbing a predator and calling for reinforcements

Hi all, I am back for another installment of elephant sounds 101 and we are still working our way through how elephants respond to predators. Since humans are the most dangerous predator an elephant has to face, I have been on the sharp end of some of these reactions, though these frightening assaults have almost […]