Monthly Archives: May 2008

Just like people, elephants appear to comment on what goes on around them

Elephants use a variety of techniques when they are confronted by predators. They may try intimidation tactics, including highly effective (and noisy) mobbing, or they may bunch together and take evasive action. Although much has been said about the complex defensive behaviour of elephants, very little has been written about the variety of sounds they […]

Fundraising for elephants – California visit in November

We would like to inform all visitors to our blog that we will be in California on a fundraising trip later this year. We plan to be in the San Francisco from 7 to 14 November and in Los Angeles 14 – 20 November. We are already busy planning various events. If you are from […]

Some African elephant call types

Hi all, I apologize that we have been so quiet for so long.  We are working on a major update for our website as well as on several other projects with deadlines, and these activities have limited our ability to focus on our blog. In addition we have had family visiting from around the world. […]

A female elephant in Minneriya, Sri Lanka, kicks our car

Hi all, We apologise for the silence. It has been a very busy time for us. There has been so much to follow up on with the improvements we are planning on our website and I have been working on a couple of papers on elephant cognitive behavior among other tasks. Before moving on to […]