Monthly Archives: December 2007

30. December – meeting the EB family

Hi all, After a few days with very few elephants coming into Amboseli National Park due to the recent rainfall outside, larger numbers are back. This is good news for our playback experiments, since our methodology requires that we have to wait for quite a few days before we can expose the same elephants to […]

Christmas is over – back in Amboseli

Hi All, After a few relaxing days on the Kenya coast we arrived back in Amboseli on the evening of 27th. We were able to drive through Tsavo West on the way to the coast and through Tsavo East on the return journey. The two Tsavos amount to 22,000 sq km of national park – […]

21. December – Rain in Amboseli

Back in the tent last night we heard rain – and we fell asleep hoping for plenty. When Petter drove to the ATE office in Ol Tukai this morning to check on e-mail and upload news pieces to WildlifeDirect he learned we received – 4 mm. “Better than nothing”, was Josephat’s dry comment. With rain […]

20. December – Playbacks and field vehicle repair in the bush

Today we drove west, looking for elephant families for our roar playbacks while on our way to Tortilis Camp where we had arranged to have new shock absorbers fit and some annoying car rattles spot-welded. The western side of the Park is extremely dry and the elephants quite listless. The Tortilis mechanic Julius did an […]

19. December – More playbacks

This morning colleagues Cynthia Moss, Director of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants, and Betsy Swart, head of the US office of the Trust, arrived and we held a meeting in camp. In the evening Petter, Selengei and Joyce drove east toward Njiri and Olodare and were able to carry out another three playbacks before a […]

18. December – Playbacks

Most of the day was used to put together and test all our equipment. As usual Petter had to use his creative technical skills to find viable solutions to rigging the playback equipment in our field vehicle. In the late afternoon we were able to carry out 3 playbacks – all successfully, and without car […]

17. December – Playback’s and car problems

Karen departed on the early morning flight and Joyce spent the morning out with Graeme and Katito Sayialel (field assistant of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project), doing playbacks, while Petter and Selengei went out to test our new Canon EOS 5D camera. Joyce had a wonderful morning watching the elephants’ response to a variety of […]

16. December – Amboseli, settling in

We departed for Amboseli at midday arriving at camp just after 17:00. The dirt road into the Park from the border town of Namanga was really corrugated, and we quickly realized how badly we needed new rear shock absorbers. The back of the car was wallowing back and forth, at times almost sliding off the […]

15. December – Kenya

Today was spent making arrangements for our trip to Amboseli and meeting up with Mark Mwongela from Intrepid Data Systems who is building a searchable Elephant ID database for the Amboseli Elephant Research Project. Petter and Joyce have taken the lead in organizing the building of the database, defining the protocols and discussing these with […]


Joyce and Petter here, While we frantically prepare for our field trip to Kenya (we depart tomorrow December 14th) we receive a message that our field vehicle, a rugged 1993 model Toyota Landcruiser, desperately needs repair. As you can see from the pictures, it meets some tough challenges in Amboseli. During the last couple of […]